TSFP11 provides the opportunity to report and find out about new discoveries and developments in fundamental and applied research on turbulence and shear flow phenomena. TSFP11 will be held at the Grand Harbour Hotel, which is located in Southampton City Centre.


More about the symposia:
A historical note
List of TSFP conferences
Previous conference proceedings
The series of biennial TSFP Symposia is the principal venue for reporting and disseminating recent and ongoing research on turbulence and shear flow phenomena. Previous successful TSFP symposia were held in Santa Barbara, California (1999), Stockholm, Sweden (2001), Sendai, Japan (2003), Williamsburg, Virginia (2005), Munich, Germany (2007), Seoul, Korea (2009), Ottawa, Canada (2011), Poitiers, France (2013), Melbourne, Australia (2015) and Chicago, USA (2017). The symposium will feature invited speakers, peer-reviewed conference proceedings and poster presentations.

TSFP11 provides the opportunity to report new discoveries and developments in the fundamental and applied research on turbulence and shear flow phenomena. Apart from traditional focal points, such as DNS, LES, turbulence closures and experiments, the organisers of TSFP11 wish to give particular emphasis to the following topics:
Instability and transition to turbulence Advanced techniques for turbulence measurements
Modelling and simulation of complex flows Turbulence and heat/mass transfer control
Turbulence in reacting and multiphase systems Plasma and MHD turbulence
Noise generation and fluid-structure interaction Biological, biomedical and clinical flows
Environmental, geophysical and compressible turbulence

TSFP Nobuhide Kasagi Award:

 TSFP will continue to present the Nobuhide Kasagi Award, with the following purpose: "The TSFP Nobuhide Kasagi Award will recognize excellence and innovation for early career researchers (typically < 10 years after PhD) for contributions to an area relevant to the TSFP Symposia."

The winner will be awarded a cash prize of $1000 and also be expected to give a keynote talk. Registration fee with be waived and accommodation for 3 nights will be provided. Finally, a stipend to partially defray travel costs may also be provided.

Nominations of TSFP Nobuhide Kasagi Award candidates should be sent by mail to tsfp11[at]soton.ac.uk with subject "Kasagi award nomination".
The deadline for nominations is September 15, 2018.

The submission should contain the following two items:
  • A one page (maximum) nomination containing the following:
    • A brief (typically one-sentence) award citation (i.e. motivation why this candidate should receive the prize).
    • A short description of the main merits of the candidate and how these fits the award criteria.
    • A link to a Google Scholar profile page (preferred) or equivalent for the candidate.
  • The candidate‚Äôs CV (no publication list, 5 pages maximum).
The above items should be merged to a single pdf nomination file to be mailed to the above given address.
The file name should be: SURNAME_Award_candidate2019.pdf  

Photo Credit: Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics Research Group, University of Southampton