TSFP Nobuhide Kasagi Award

TSFP will continue to present the Nobuhide Kasagi Award, with the following purpose: "The TSFP Nobuhide Kasagi Award will recognize excellence and innovation for early career researchers (typically < 10 years after PhD) for contributions to an area relevant to the TSFP Symposia."

TSFP11 Nobuhide Kasagi Award Winner

Daniel Chung, University of Melbourne, Australia
Citation: "To Daniel Chung, For novel numerical simulations
and insightful analysis to answer fundamental questions in turbulence."

TSFP10 Nobuhide Kasagi Award Winner

Marcus Hultmark, Princeton University, Princeton, USA
Citation: "To Marcus Hultmark in recognition of his enthusiastic and
significant contributions to turbulence, its measurement and theory,
and especially for profound contributions/developments which are
influencing measuring technologies."