The symposium will be held over three and a half days. Details will be reported here once the program is finalised.

Session topics

Concurrent sessions are planned for the following topics:
Unsteady Aerodynamics, Flow Separation and Acoustics Wall-bounded flows
Multiphase and Particulate flows Compressible and Reacting flows
Flow Control & Drag Reduction Environmental Flows
Turbulent free-shear flows Homogenous Turbulence
Instability & Transition Other Topics
Biological, Biomedical and clinical flows
While submitting the extended abstract, authors should select a primary and a second topic from the above list. This information will be used to assign oral presentations to sessions.

Invited speakers

The symposium will feature six keynote talks, one of which will be delivered by the winner of the Kasagi award. The other five speakers are:

Ellen Longmire, University of Minnesota, USA
Title: Motion of Large Particles in Turbulent Boundary Layers
Jason Monty, University of Melbourne, Australia
Title: Air-sea interaction: the crucial role of shear-driven turbulence
Genta Kawahara, Osaka University, Japan
Title: Ultimate heat transfer in wall-bounded turbulence
Holger Babinsky, University of Cambridge, UK
Title:Surging plates, flapping wings and gust encounters: The role of added mass and circulatory forces
Luca Brandt, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Title:Turbulent channel flow of particle suspensions
Daniel Chung, University of Melbourne, Australia
Title:The little turbulence that could: moving heat and fluid over roughness